Pre-Sales & General Questions (10)

All you need to know about our services.

Domain registration, Website hosting, and SMS services.
Contact us and we will be happy to send you an official quotaion by email or whatsapp.
We offer 30 days money back guarantee, so you can order with peace of mind. We will take care of everything, no need to worry.
At this time no, maybe in the near future.
At this time no, maybe in the near future.
For fast instant activation use KNET (Kuwait debit cards). Other methods that takes time to process: check, bank transfer, westren union. We DO NOT ACCEPT Credit Cards at this time.
For new domains it is instant, for transfering domains it takes 24 hours or less depending on DNS propagation.
Yes we do backups three times a week. We also advise our clients to download full website backups offline every month. It can be done easily from cPanel.
Sorry, we do not provide support for any programs or scripts. We only can make the hosting suitable for the installation.
Contact us using kwtSMS website and you can also read the FAQ there.

How To Questions (10)

Common questions from current customers.

Two ways: 1. Give us the current control panel info and we will do the rest. OR 2. Make available the following info: A. EPP code or Domain Key B. Unlock the domain C. Follow up the transfer approval by email D. Whois domain privacy/protection must be disabled.
We will do it for you hasle free and without downtime. You can give us the current cPanel info and we will do the rest. As for the domain, you can change the DNS yourself to, or give us the control panel info and we will do it for you. Transfer period takes between 6 to 24 hours.
Login to the client area, and manage your domain DNS and contact information. The default DNS settings for BoxLink:,
Please login to the client area, and pay your pending invoice and we will take care of the rest. After we renew the domain, it takes 24 hours of less for the website to work. there is no way to make this procedure faster, it depends on DNS propagation.
It is the client responsibility to keep his/her contact information up to date. We send renewal notifications via email and SMS before and after domain expiry, and sometimes we do phone calls. We do not renew any domains without payment wihtout exception.
When the domain expires, the website will not open and client should notice and contact us to resolve the issue. After one month the domain goes into Redemption period where you can recover the domain BUT must pay recovery fee of KWD 100. After redemption period ends the domain gets deleted and released to the public and anyone can snatch it. So, it is your choice to make. You can wait and try to reRegister the domain after deletion (big gamble) or guarantee recovery if you pay KWD 100.
First we must make sure it is not your internet connection, try opening your website from a different wifi or mobile device. Then, we check the website opens up and loads or the server is down. Sometimes, it is programming issue with the website after an update or plugin installation the website crashs. Other times, the server security systems might block your IP address. and rearly the server goes down. Contact us ASAP for help and support.
Sometimes, not keeping your website up to date can lead to hacks. Contact us immediatly, to secure your website and restore previous version from backup.
Contact us and we will send you the domain key or EPP code.
Use the forgot your password page, if you still having trouble and not receiving your password, contact us.

Still need help?
Contact us, we will be happy to help you.