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SMS: Make your life easier, Communicate faster!

1 SMS = 12 Fils Only

With BoxLink you have:

- Two free trial messages through free subscription.
- Easy recharging, making and saving groups numbers.
- Send more than 70 characters in Arabic SMS.
- SMS detailed receipt report.
- 24 Hours account recharge………& More

Just visit us now www.kwtsms.com

BoxLink helps you save money, time, and keep in touch with your family, friends& coworkers to be with them in all occasions.

Prices based on quantity

Number of messages Cost per message
1000 - 49,999 0.015 KD
50,000 - 99,999 0.014 KD
100.000 and over 0.013 KD
Sender ID 45 KD

Note: The minimum amount to order is 1000 SMS. You will be able to change the SenderID after processing your order.

If you want to subscripe in our SMS service register now then you can charge your account immediately.

Order SMS and refil your account now.
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