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Radio Streaming

BoxLink provides special& unique service for all clients. With us you can now have Radio streaming service in your web site. Also we can provide you with hosting if you have not. Just select your targeted listeners' numbers you want to stream your radio to them.

Number of listeners Price
10 30 KD
25 45 KD
50 81 KD
100 150 KD
150 201 KD

If you have more than 200 listeners just call us and we will prepare it for you.

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Criteria & Advantage:

- Automatic DJ.
- Random streaming for audio files.
- Random re ranking for streaming list.
- Moving to next audio file from control panel.
- Put all MP3 files in one folder on your hosting to work as Radio Streaming file.
- Control over your streaming through your web site control panel.
- View live example for streaming page [Radio.Fanateq.com ]
- 100%Live on Air.

Examples below

- Fanateq Radio
- Boxlink Quran
- Boxlink Hadith
- Boxlink Poetry
- Boxlink talk
- Boxlink Nasheed
- Boxlink Droos
- Boxlink Comedy
- Boxlink Audio book

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