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Terms & Conditions:

Boxlink Rights & Obligations:

  1. BoxLink is obligated to make purchasing from determined sites within 5 days calculated from payment date, and the whole amount should be paid.
  2. BoxLink does not responsible if client write wrong address, contact details or any misevaluation from client for the goods offered in the seller's web site.
  3. BoxLink is obligated to deliver goods to client's home in the determined address given by him.
  4. BoxLink can search for products/ or services against charges, and we have not got any responsibility if client found cheaper items after he placed his order and paid its cost.
  5. BoxLink has the right to act instead of its clients' when they did not reply on correspondences. Accordingly, clients should review their e-mails on a daily basis.
  6. BoxLink does not has any responsibility if client lose any bid because Box Link has not got enough time to enter it or the price of the item goes up above the amount paid by client
  7. In case that client canceled his order because goods do not exist or he did not win in the bid, BoxLink will return his money back after month from payment date after deducting Box Link's bidding charges.
  8. BoxLink has no responsibility for used or refurbished goods because it could not trust sellers offers viewed on their web sites.
  9. In emergencies, Box Link has the right to open the packing of goods in a way that do not damage them.
  10. BoxLink does not responsible for goods guarantee after  using , also Box Link does not responsible for the honesty of the online web sites and what they offer on their web sites.
  11. Quick order means we will place your order within 24 hours calculated from payment time, it does not mean that we will deliver the requested order within that time and the order delivery depends on the shipping company chosen by client. Also this service does not exist in vacations.
  12. BoxLink has no responsibility from seller and shipping companies delays but it will be obligated to inform client with those delays if any and procedures that should be taken, contact with seller or shipping company. And be informed that seller may need 3-5 days to start shipping goods after making payment and in some cases it takes 7-10 days.
  13. BoxLink refuses all forbidden dealings and goods that violate Islamic and ethical rules.
  14. BoxLink does not offer loans for purchasing.

Clients Rights & Obligations:

  1. Client has the right to cancel his order before he gets its cost from Box Link or pays its cost and without mentioning any reason for this cancelation.
  2. Client has the right to cancel his order before Box Link purchases it, But in such case he should send us the cancelation reason, and in case that Box Link does not make his order within 5 days from payment date he is not obligated to send us the cancelation reason.
  3. Client should read all the requirements mentioned in the seller web site carefully, Clients has a full responsibility to selected item; he should ensure that it is same as what he fills in the order form with all its specifications.
  4. Client should bear all purchasing and shipping costs starting from goods source till its delivery to the given address determined in the order form.
  5. Client should pay all customs clearance, all other related charges, and he has no right to ask Box Link to pay them instead of him or interfering to reduce them.
  6. Client has the right to get his money back after month from payment date if he cancel his order, the goods does not exist or he lose the bid.
  7. Client has the right to take the order code and follow up it.
  8. All correspondence accepted only from Box Link web site and through client's account.
  9. Client has not got the right to contact directly with seller or pay for him because this will cause confusion for all parties.
  10. Client should give Box Link his true and full contact details when he places his order to simplify the process of contacting him. Client should review his e-mail on a daily basis.

Important Notes:

  1. All ordering process will be only calculated according to Box Link's official working hours and days.
  2. When client cancel his order without any reason, he will bear all costs related to return his money back.
  3. Box Link has the right to change these terms without sending notifications and it will be applied to all coming orders from amending date.

Last update: 10/05/2009

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