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Can I choose more than one commodity and deliver them to my address?
Yes, you can and Box Link will gather all of them in one package for you. But you have to place your order in the same date of selection.
How can I place my order?
You have to fill in the sign up form with all your true data and full contact details and follow up the following procedures:
  1. You have first to sign up and fill in the order form accurately and with all true data.
  2. The activation message will be sent to your e-mail and mobile to use your user name and password.
  3. You can now place your order easily. You have to accept Box Link web site agreement and start fill in your order form accurately.
  4. Box Link will send you e- mail with your order specification including the cost of the commodity in Kuwaiti Dinar.
  5. Client has to send his approval by replying on Box Link e-mail and pay the full amount of the ordered commodity and we have different payment methods (Cash, Checks, K- Net, Visa, Pay Pal, Western Union or Bank Transfers).
  6. Box Link will place your order from 1-5 days after payment.
  7. All correspondences starting from order specification till the delivery of the commodity will be appeared on your page on Box Link web site.
  8. Box Link offers home delivery depending upon client request or the client can visit Box Link office and receive his order.
  9. In case you choose quick order, Box Link will try to place your order to the seller within 24 hours from payment and it does not mean that you will get
What can I purchase with Box Link?
Box Link can purchase a lot of goods instead of you as; electrical appliances, kitchen machines, computers, mobiles, cloths, all electronic machines, antiques& gifts, games, watches,….etc. Box Link also purchase accounts in other web sites such as; premium RapidShare accounts as it is the only Rapidshare agent in Kuwait, Flicker pro accounts, travian game gold and gladiatus game robin.
What are web sites can I purchase from?
Box Link provides purchasing& delivery services from all reliable internet sites, when client request from the Internet, Box link will buy the required product or service and shipped to the address specified by the client.
Is there any relationship between goods cost and its shipment cost?
There is no relationship between goods cost and its shipment cost but there is a relationship between the goods weight and its shipment price.
What are the main reasons for shipment delays?
There are some reasons affecting shipment delays:

- All official occasions in Kuwait and in the seller country.
- Unpredictable delays from shipping company.
- When client order goods that should be first shipped to USA then to Kuwait.
- Client chooses shipping company that takes too much time in delivery.
- Seller did not reply on Box Link correspondences that may enforce Box Link to call him directly.
- Client does not make the payment.

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