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Domain Name Services

We offers various pricing options for our customers. Review our pricing schedules to decide which scenario works best for your needs. Once you have registered your domain with us, you can start using it by choosing a hosting package, point it to your currently hosted domain, or park it for free.

Register your domain name today! Below are the pricing information for the domain name services we provide:

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Box Link price list for domain name service:

TLD Register Renewal Transfer
.com 5 K.D 5 K.D 5 K.D
.net 5 K.D 5 K.D 5 K.D
.org 5 K.D 5 K.D 5 K.D
.us 5 K.D 5 K.D 5 K.D
.info 5 K.D 5 K.D 5 K.D
.biz 5 K.D 5 K.D 5 K.D
.name 5 K.D N/A N/A
.ws $30 $30 N/A
.cc $40 $40 $35
.tv $50 $50 N/A


Let Boxlink help you!

Choosing a domain name is hardest thing these days, for that we put these quality domains under your finger tips to choose from. Make your choice and start your business today!

When you buy one of the domains listed below you will automatically qualify for a special discount on any of our hosting and design packages that you choose.

Domain Name Price Domain Name Price
4islam.org $500 vb4arab.net $300
alda3wa.com $300 abumeshary.com $100
arabnoc.net $1000 attacked.org $500
gotdsl.org $500 alesra.com $1000
ultra2.net $500 islamicdir.com $500
khaldiya.com $500 kuniv.info $200
kuwaitculture.net $3000 maktba.com $500
kuniv.net $700 kuniv.org $600
mesharyrashid.com $600 jibla.com $500
mycsulb.com $10000 mycsulb.info $300
mycsulb.net $1000 mycsulb.org $1000

If you like any domain and want to buy it contact us with your best offer.

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