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Shipping & Delivery

After client's agreement about the purchased goods cost and make the payment, Box Link will prepare the order by two ways:

First: Direct shipping and delivery for goods when it directly shipped to Kuwait.
Second: If seller does not directly ship to Kuwait, Box Link will ship to USA then to Kuwait.

In all cases Boxlink will pay according to seller accepted payment method, So if the seller accept only credit cards, pay pal accounts that has trusted purchasing address Boxlink will treated with all of that.

Boxlink deals with international shipping companies such as; Fedex, Aramex, DHL, UPS and more. Shipping rates differs depending on shipping company and sending and receiving country. Prices also depending on goods gross weight including its packing. Heavy goods have additional payment in all shipping companies all over the world.

If seller shipped directly to client's country, Box Link will be restricted with seller shipping method mentioned in his web site.

If seller shipped directly to the USA or England, Box Link will be restricted with seller shipping method to those countries. And after that we ship from USA or England to Kuwait. The time period for this rotation will be determined according to the shipping company chosen by client.

To ensure safety shipment, for some commodities such us; perfumes, make up and electronic machines. Box Link may ship with special shipping companies. Box Link does not responsible for any refurbished or used goods if it damages while its delivery because in this cases sellers may send them totally damaged.

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