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BoxLink provides purchasing& delivery services from all reliable internet sites, when client request from the Internet, Box link will buy the required product or service and shipped to the address specified by him.

BoxLink provides its clients with the following services:

  1. BoxLink can order from the web site mentioned in the client's order form, and after 5 days from confirming order payment not from placing the order.
  2. BoxLink will send correspondences to inform the client with his order status from ordering date till delivery date. Clients can call Box Link Customer service within Box Link working hours for any inquiry.
  3. Box Link will deliver the order according to client's address he mentioned in the order form.
  4. BoxLink can search for any product/ or service instead of its clients against charges.
  5. BoxLink provides quick order service; we will place your order within 24 hours instead of waiting for 5 days and you have to pay extra 5% over the original price. Box Link does not provide quick order service in weekends or official vacations.
  6. BoxLink can purchase a lot of goods from trusted web sites instead of its clients such as; electrical appliances, kitchen machines, computers, mobiles, cloths, all electronic machines, antiques& gifts, games, watches….etc.
  7. BoxLink is the only RapidShare authorized agent in Kuwait, it purchases premium RapidShare accounts. Also, it can purchase accounts in other web sites, such as; Flicker pro accounts, gold for Travian game and it provides a lot of subscription services in different web sites.
  8. BoxLink will treat with all web sites that shipped only to USA, and do not accept credit cards except credit card issued from USA.
  9. Box Link provides its clients' with bidding service from all famous web sites by applying the following steps:

    • - Client determines first the commodity he wants to bid on it by fills in the order form and check the box of bidding commodity.
    • - Client should determine for Box Link the highest price he wants to pay for this commodity when he fills in the purchasing order.
    • - After client finishes the order form, commodity cost with order copy will be sent to his e-mail. When client confirms the order, its cost, paying the full amount, Box Link will start to pay bidding amount.
    • - If client won the bid with the same cost he paid, Box Link will deliver the commodity for him, and if he won with price lower than what he paid Box Link will return to him his money back after a month from payment date.
    • - If client loses the bid, he will get his full paid amount back except Box Link bidding charges and any other costs for chosen repayment method if any.

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